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June 24, 2022
Reading Session "FEELINGS" w/ Annabelle Ferlings LIVE at ZIRKA

June 10, 2022
CALDO Exhibition Opening at ZIRKA LIVE

April 22, 2022
CALDO w/ Lion Mayer LIVE

Nov 11, 2021
Reading Session "Sharp as My Grandfather's Knives" w/ Lea Dippold

Jul 10, 2021
CALDO w/ Marcel Hiller LIVE 

Physical Events:
June 10-24, 2022
Group Show "I've got the world in my pocket" with works by Line Finderup Jensen, Marcel Hiller, Lion Mayer at ZIRKA in Munich 
Nov 12-13, 2021
CALDOworldwide part of SuperBOOKS at Haus der Kunst 
Showing works by Lea Dippold and Marcel Hiller
 June 29, 2021
"Marcel Hiller - Der Himmelblaue Speck" Exhibition Review via


May 30, 2021 
"Marcel Hiller - Der Himmelblaue Speck" Exhibition Review via KubaParis

May 27, 2021
Virtual Opening "Marcel Hiller - Der Himmelblaue Speck" 

Jan 21, 2021
Süddeutsche Zeitung - Junge Leute Alena Mayer about CALDOworldwide 

Nov 12, 2020
Virtual Opening Group Show "DIG IT" with works by: Lion Mayer, Volo Bevza, Victoria Pidust, Olya Bazilevich, Felix Gerber 

March, 2020
Exhibition Review "Ring Ring" via Arts of the Working Class