DIG IT, Nov 2020 - May 2021

DIG IT - A digital group exhibition with different expressions on post - DIGITal possibilities in painting.


Lion Mayer from left to right: Cought in Information, 2019; error-ps1SF; error-ps1SF2, 2020; Olya Bazilevich: A pink car, 2020


With works by: Olya Bazilevich, Volo Bevza, Felix Gerber, Lion Mayer, Victoria Pidust curated by Jan Fischer


Lion Mayer, Cought in Information, 2019


Volo Bevza from left to right: Metamorphose 1, 2018; Olya Bazilevich: Does it matter?, 2020; Seems to be real, 2020

Volo Bevza from left to right: Hey Mr Bojangles, 2020; Schädel 1, 2019; Skull 3, 2019; Skull 4, 2019


Victoria Pidust from left to right: From the series (NO) Distance, 2019; (NO) Distance, 2020; Print me if you can 2, 2019


Felix Gerber from left to right: Untitled, 2020; Sunnyboy 2020; Rasterfahndung, 2018