PRINT ME IF YOU CAN II, 2019, wallpaper print, 170 x 249 cm 



Photography for me means to take up reality like a color with a brush.


Victoria Pidust manipulates true-to-life representations with artificial intelligence. Chance becomes the central element of her work. The artist creates an astonishingly abstract visual language, mostly based on deceptive images of reality. Photography, colors and new possibilities of various computer programs are the tools of the artist's artistic practice. 
Her work focuses on the perception of reality. Impressions that exist predominantly at different times, in different places and yet at one point are of particular interest to her. This is a new, previously non-existent condition. Victoria discovers this effect when creating 3D models, objects or people. She documents short life phases of a motif from different angles at almost the same time. With the help of various modeling and rendering programs, she tries to achieve a visual and more concentrated feeling of the variability of life in an image. She intentionally includes mistakes that give the viewer of her work the chance to see an instability of objects or people in it.
For example, Pidust works with software for scanning architecture and creating digital models of spaces by disrupting the program-immanent algorithms responsible for what is known as pattern recognition. In this way, new and unexpected things emerge, the creative process becomes independent. The computer itself becomes a creative instance.

From the series (NO) DISTANCE, 2019, inkjet print on alu-dibond, 135 x 200 cm


From the series (NO) DISTANCE, 2020, inkjet print on alu-dibond, 80 x 120 cm



VICTORIA PIDUST (*1992 in Nikopol, Ukraine) lives & works in Berlin.