Sunnyboy, 2019, 95 x 115 cm, acrylics and screenprint



My artistic practice is influenced by our time, the internet.


Felix Gerber's artistic practice is influenced by our time, the Internet. The environment with all its facets becomes a field of research. In his paintings, fragments and symbols of the Internet are processed. They are re-contextualized and regarded as a kind of trademark of his work. For Gerber it is important to question, uncover and reinterpret the mechanisms and values of digital space. Often his works seem as if they want to push themselves to the foreground. There almost seems to be no space for a second row. His enthusiasm for the history of painting leads to different ways of structuring his paintings in terms of content and crafts. Through the use and combination of the most diverse elements, the question of the connections between material and presence arises.




, 2019, 100 x 130 cm, acrylics and screenprint




Rasterfahndung, 2018, 150 x 100 cm, digital print, oil on canvas 






oceanside 3, 2019, 90 x 75 cm, screenprint, acryl on canvas  



(*1995) lives and works in Berlin.
Gerber studies Painting in the class of Thilo Heinzmann at the University of Arts in Berlin.