What influenced your drawings for Der Himmelblaue Speck”? Where did Sorokin come in? And how did you confront his work?

The cross printed book pages were more of a conceptual decision. I haven’t yet fully implemented the book as a literal foundation for my work. Normally I don’t do any project sketches or outlines. Only more generally associated materials which I move around on tables or on the ground. Since the exhibit is entirely virtual, and I don’t have these tools on hand, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Then I realized that the printing approach would integrate the novel directly into the texture of my work and create a long-lasting visual connection to the original piece. Continuing down this path, merging fragments of Sorokin’s work with my own, has brought me great joy and creative fulfillment.

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DHS overprints, 439 pages
Eco inkjet print on book page
21,6 x 13,5 cm