Interview with the founder Alena Valerie Rosa Mayer

Why is the time right for CALDOworldwide?

It is time to convey the value of art and design to society.

Good ideas are not without cost. 
To be more precise: Having been born into a creative environment, I can see my motivations for launching CALDOworldwide are, in part, due to the creativity and potential of my family’s previous work.

A platform, a communicative space and a shop for artists and designers! CALDOworldwide is a combination of Art, Design, Marketing, and Economics.

A virtual showroom which embraces professional design.

Creative ideas are valuable achievements which I cherish and know how to market. Interesting work and intuitive designs with an artistic background will be curated from CALDOworldwide and find a place on the www, which is accessible to everyone. 

I have noticed that the consumption of established design and art is mainly by those of greater social standing, therefore the equal distribution is not balanced. 

CALDOworldwide acts as a link between the Arts and Business. 

Do you think that art and design are often not appropriately remunerated and there is a problem of virtue? Can you give an example? How will CALDOworldwide face this?

Indeed. Artists and designers often can’t see how valuable their ideas are.
CALDOworldwide exists to communicate the value of these ideas and to promote professional art and design over existing artwork. These are the creative developments which demand time and support and which will lead to high-quality results. 

I am against exploitation and stand for fair compensation. 

Today Economics and Art and Design are treated separately, there is little space, nor money to support the development of new projects.

People who consume art and design often don’t know how much work an artist or designer has invested in creating such a piece or how complex it is. It’s not just a service.

A good example, is the logo for The Rolling Stones, a global player whose design quality is recognizable by the branded red lips and tongue on each record cover, poster, merchandise, etc.

A band continues to make a significant amount of money over an extensive period of time. For such a logo that imprints on your mind, most likely the designer will only be paid once. 

The current financing of the prestigious art market by the wealthy has led to an unequal appreciation of art and design at all levels. Wealthy people are the ones financing the prestigious art market or the high-end luxury design market with their investments and are themselves able to acquire a bag from Celine for example. Creatives outside of high- end design and couture produce and exhibit valuable pieces that could be consumed by a wider audience if there was better remuneration. 

However, good design and art should be appreciated by everybody

CALDOworldwide will face this phenomenom with economic consultation. A collaboration of artistic ideas and my entrepreneurial knowledge. Consequently, so many things can emerge from it.

However, it is not only about financing projects directly. I advise and showcase so that the work of the artists and the designers are recognized and subsequently further appreciated. Many creatives don’t like to talk about money. But it is important.

In return, I would like to work alongside creatives, against the prejudice they hold against the business world.

How do you narrow down the artistic work chosen? Who is going to become part of this platform? Is it a closed community?

No barriers - No rules - just love as the message. The targeted group is not going to be limited to a certain social group or profession. The platform is open for everything and to everyone: 

Clothes, Art, Books, Graphics, Installations – works of art and thoughts can be shared and showcased through CALDOworldwide - and can be purchased. Nevertheless, the pieces chosen must fulfill a criterion and must be of a certain professional standard. The most important thing to me is that the artist and I can work well together and appreciate each other's work. That's the basis of collaboration, without it no relationship with CALDO is possible. 

Each piece will be exposed in the virtual platform together with background information about the work, thoughts, and information about the artist. A further goal of CALDO is to connect the artists and to encourage collaborations and projects with CALDOworldwide.

That's a good concept. How realistic do you think it is in practice and where would you like to be with CALDO in a few years time?

I would like CALDOworldwide to guide a partnership between management, art and design and take it to the next level. Everything you believe in can become true.

It is important to make decisions in the present because the future relies on it.

From this point onwards, everything grows. I am very excited by the project and look forward to meeting new people. 

A conversation can be the beginning of something big. Success for me is, when designers and artists know the true value of their work. The Business should blossom for every artist. 

Maths and Art! Being nice is cool!
Because what is decided at present, paves the path for the future.

Now we know about CALDOworldwide, tell me more about yourself and an anecdote from your life.

I am an ambitious woman with good business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit. My distinct love of fashion. I understand it and it understands me. I love it when the fashion takes on an artistic approach or has roots in an artistic background. 

After my internship at Vivienne Westwood’s head office in London, where I first experienced the business side of the creative market, it became clear to me that I didn’t want to simply study fashion design, but economics. Consequently, I am currently studying economics in Vienna to give me more creative freedom and the ability to implement CALDO. 

Since starting my studies, I have discovered several things: I am good at maths, I could never do without merits such as honesty and confidence, in both personal and professional environments.

My friends mean a lot to me. 

Also, for a long time now, maybe typical of my age, but I pay attention to the quality of products, what good design means and what it’s worth. 

Okay, now an anecdote... 

My parents moved to New York City while I was still in my pram.... naturally I wasn’t overly thrilled to be attending gallery openings and functions. On one occasion, an opening of Marcel Broodthaers they had some peanuts there, which I really loved to snack on. Therefore I wanted to stay. This opening gave us the peanut idea and from then onwards, my parents lured me to the openings by giving me peanuts to convince me to go. Now CALDO should serve as the ‘peanut’ attraction for others. No really, I mean it, I will have peanuts at my openings. { Laughs } 

Interview with the founder Alena Valerie Rosa Mayer, August 2018