Harriet Davey, The Real Unreal

Harriet Davey, The Real Unreal


Harriet Davey, Don't worry, I'm not scared, 2022, Print → Collect

 Harriet Davey, Distrust in Purple, 2022, HD Video → Collect 


Harriet Davey, Don't look back, 2022 → Request print

The Real Unreal is a digital solo show that displays 3D avatars, video works, and for the first time, physical sculptures and print editions by Harriet Davey. They transforms queries regarding the imagination of human identity and its construction to create futuristic avatars in digital space.Inspired by science fiction and fantasy she creates fluid characters from another dimension that gain a new form of plasticity and luminosity particularly through the shimmering surfaces of their bodies. Davey demonstrates great finesse in her chosen medium, skillfully bringing her avatars to life and crafting their unique environment in an innovative fashion, making them appear realistic. Her expressive charm builds a mysterious aura and magnetic pull that guides us into a puzzling extraterrestrial cosmos. 

The artist describes her work as follows: „My personal practice forms an important exploration into my own gender fluidity and queer identity. Obsessed with questioning what it means to be fluid and human in a digital world, ‘The Real Unreal’ involves the creation and ‘photographing’ of virtual people. Diversity and inclusion is not sought, but rather generated by hand. The viewer should not regard a character’s weirdness in their gender, race, nudity, ability, or expression, but rather dwell on their strangely glowing eyes, clothes formed of rippling glass, or their twisted glitching movements. Through the exploration of gender non-conforming virtual avatars, I restore and reclaim the bodies extorted by a male dominated gaming industry." 

With that, they invent new figures of identification, cause the human and familiar has not faded within the Avatars however. They function as a threshold between verity and vision. 
The brink between them and us seems to blur, they seem to outgrow their medium and we become part of their reality – or are they already a part of ours? This transformational process in her art is mirrored in the sculptures and print editions that appear simultaneously with the digital avatars and the show. Harriet Davey, born 1997 in the UK, is a 3D Artist, based across London and Berlin. She studied graphic design at Kingston University in London. The artist has exhibited at The Wrong Biennale, MMMAD Festival, Maison des Arts Georges et Claude Pompidou, Miami Art Basel, Berlin Art Week and the Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. She has worked with Maison Margiela, Nike, Adidas and many others. Her work has been featured in BBC, Arte, Vogue Italia, British Vogue, It’s Nice That, I-D Magazine, L’Officiel and Hunger Magazin. Text by Luise Arndt
Harriet Davey, Untitled, 2023, HD Video → Collect
Harriet Davey, Destine, 2022, Print → Collect

Harriet Davey, Gender is a performance/ “call me Gorgggina, 2022 → Request print

Harriet Davey, This is not a lookbook - 01, 2023 → Request print
Harriet Davey, Whowle - 1, 2022, HD Video → Collect

Harriet Davey, Leo, 2022 → Request print 


Harriet Davey, Whowle - 4, 2022, HD Video → Collect

Harriet Davey, Untitled, 2023 → Request print

Harriet Davey, Untitled, 2022, HD Video → Collect