NO DISTANCE 2_Victoria Pidust

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Victoria Pidust creates digital images between mystery and reality.

She photographs her urban and private surroundings and then edits the photos in the computer: she dismantles, deforms, mixes them and reassembles the fragments into new, both beautiful and disturbing images.

She uses a computer program with which, for example, architects present their designs in lifelike, three-dimensional representations.

Even with these cool, technological works, Victoria Pidust considers herself a photographer. In fact, the pictures look very picturesque.

A certain fascination for algorithmic logic and the gaze of the machine is conveyed, which further develops the eye that lies at the heart of photographic thinking. Often the computer brings its own "considerations" into the error, the device takes over the role of the artist and creates its own pictures. Mimesis, transformation and sampling are three typical features.

Often the fibrous works are reminiscent of an interweaving that we find in the female practice of textile work. All this may be an example of Victoria's relationship to spatio-temporal "hybridity": Her works are at the service of a momentary connection, not a series of pieces and fragments that are cut or torn.