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STEFFI BAUER, Textil Designerin und Illustratorin, München

Pastellkreide und Graphit auf Aquarellpapier
29,8 x 21 cm

At first, time at home felt not that different. Except the air was filled with fear and strange vibes.
As a freelance designer, basically my time management is the same. Normally I go working in my studio in the morning, but working from home is not that big of a deal for me.
Only a few days went by and the numbers of covid19 infected people rose enormously. Schools and shops were closed.
This was the time where not only I but slowly everyone realized, this is serious.

Usually I work out every feeling, and fear through my work. I unravel the situation, organize the pieces, and work something out on paper or material.
This time, of course it’s not that easy. It is really more about whats important in life, how do WE deal with this in general. Not over work. 

Plants or flowers, as shown in the artwork, do have a great impact in my life and work. Now I feel like I get why. 

Every single thing is changing, we don’t know how and when. I myself and all of you have to find new ways to rise back up, get back on track.
The only creature that seems to have figured that out and not even has to think about it is a plant. It just grows, more than ever.

Time at home:
So I spend my time at home talking to loved ones, checking the news every now and then (not only on covid stuff, crazy things are going on meanwhile!!) and reorganizing the balcony which I am so glad to have.
I think a lot about my work, and how it is silly to always want to reach the next higher step if you can also give yourself a little time and appreciate the things you accomplished.
And why not now!
There are no plans for after this crisis. We will see how we come out of this and we will work with it. We can’t make provisions or plans right now, I think that is what scares us the most.
Maybe it is a good thing to get used to that feeling.