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PHIL DOBSON, Künstler, London

LINEAR GG1842020
Graphite pencil on graph paper 
42 x 29.7 cm
Unique copy

To some extent, I think artists are used to working in isolation so my life hasn't changed a huge amount. Except I can't get to the studio as I would need to use public transport which should be used exclusively by essential workers (of course we would all argue that art is essential work). I'm keeping quite busy during lockdown taking the opportunity to start making work which doesn't require much space or material. The drawing for Caldo Worldwide, a good example, or editing video. Also some writing. I am also updating my website which is long overdue. There are also a lot of unread books on the shelf to look forward to. Apart from the art side, Brigitte and I are doing a lot of cooking (this seems to be a trend with people in lockdown.) So generally I have plenty to fill the time, not get bored or frustrated. The thing I miss most is being able to go walking in the country. Like you, apart from a balcony we don't have a garden. There's a park nearby but walking in it isn't really relaxing with the social distancing thing.

When we get through this, 2 of the first things will be to go for a long walk and go to the studio. After I returned from Malta I'd planned to start some new paintings. Somewhat different form previous ones. I was keen to find out if they would work. In a way I'm lucky in that I don't have to worry if my business will survive this - there will always be a way as it were and this sustains my optimism. But I know of course that for a lot of people this could be financially ruinous.