Furious Rockers 2

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Furious Rockers, Coney Island, NY, 1984
Series of 5 photographs
Glycee Druck on Hahnemühle Fine Art Papier
Mounted on Aludibond
Edition of 3, 2 artist proofs
Optional framed

“Furious Rockers are B-Boys from Brooklyn N.Y. who started in the 1980‘s. They are old school B-Boys that have appeared in several movies and have toured, traveled and won the Worlds Breakdance Contest sponsored by Swatch watch and that took place at the ROXY in Manhattan, New York 1984 ...“  
Mr. Speed, President of the Crew

The project Daniel Mayer Archive addresses collective memory as well as the subject of iconographic images and the intersection of both the photographer Daniel Mayer made during his time as an editorial photographer, exploring social documentary, portraiture and still life.